Monday, July 21, 2008

Mammals’ danger in USA

According to “North America’s Most Dangerous Mammal” by Ronald Bailey, there are some of dangerous animals in USA such as grizzly, mountain lion, and deer. The author says that the most dangerous mammal in North America is overpopulated deer. It caused high rate of death toll as a result of vehicle accidents. Also, predators transmitted Lyme disease to people and caused economical damages to agriculture and timber. As result, the researchers work hard to find solution to this problem in North America states.

The America government should protect their citizens by create method helps people to get the safety from these dangerous animals that are found within their own borders. Therefore, the America government should support their hunters to kill the deer, the American researchers have to work harder to get some medical solutions to keep deer populations in check, and the drivers should drive carefully on the North America highways.

First of all, the American government has the largest part for this problem. The government should catalyze and support the American hunters to hunt this kind of animals. For example, the government should give weapons gun and direction instruments help them to determine the deer place on the America’s land. In addition, they can create money rewards to deer’s hunters as a kind of encouragement. Otherwise, the America’s wildlife has privacy environment. So, the wildlife refuge is the best solution to keep this Natural America’s wildlife privacy.

The American researchers should work harder to find some medicine helps to decline the number of deer within American’s boarders. For example, the scientists should create some contraception to reduce deer’s number in the United States. Also, they have to work hard to explore injection vaccine that lead to protect the people from transmitted disease by deer.
Eventually, the drivers should drive carefully on the North America’s high way particularly. He should follow the speed signals and warming signals. Also, the highway maintenance should condense the warning signals in these highways areas and create some barriers or fences on the highways roadsides. So, if the government, researchers, and drivers are able to come up with some sort of solution and work together, then all the death toll and economical damages will finish.


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Oil in U.S.A

According to “Arctic Refuge drilling controversy”, there is a crisis of energy in United States, even though there is the largest oil field in North America particularly in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Most Alaskan residents, trade unions, and Republicans agree with exploring in the refuge, while many ecologists and Democrats are opposed to it in order to protect natural wildlife. President George W. Bush supports drilling in the Arctic Refuge, and he believes that it “keeps America’s economy growing and it will make America less dependent on foreign sources of energy”.

The American government gets its oil from foreign countries around the world. It has a real affect on oil price because it considered the first consumer of oil in the world. So, the Unite States government should drill in the ANWR, America’s scientists have to create innovative techniques to explore ANWR’s oil without damaging the land or natural wildlife, and they should also create another source of energy that could lead to reducing the necessity of oil.

It is essential for Americans to explore the oil fields that are found within their own borders such as the ANWR, because it consider the first consumer of foreign oil. Also, the oil that the United States imports has led to a horrendous economic burden on the governments and the American people. They spend millions of dollars to have the oil from the production countries, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Some people in the United States refuse the drilling in Arctic Refuge because they believe that the drilling will hurt the land and local wildlife as well as disrupt their lifestyle. Consequently, it is extremely important for American’s scientists to work hard and find novel techniques so that production has minimum effect on the land and wildlife in ANWR.
Eventually, the researchers have to find another source of energy instead of oil, such as nuclear energy. This will reduce the necessity of oil and it will decline the incredibly high price of oil and its products. If the researchers are able to come up with some sort of solution, then all the money that is spent on oil will go to the American government rather than foreign countries. This will obviously benefit both the American citizens and their government, while boosting the economy.


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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oil Price

According to “Oil: A global crisis” by John Marry, there are some reasons for oil price rising. The author says that the occupation of Iraq causes an increase of oil price that is three times more than it should be and Doctor Salameh says that it could be no more than $40 a barrel. According to the author, Goldman Sachs predicts that the oil price will hit $200 a barrel next year. According to Doctor Salameh, the Iraq government offered the USA a good deal in 2000, that would allow them to open 10 new huge oil fields, but the USA refused. Although global oil production produces 86 million barrels per day, the developed countries still need more and more.

The need for oil causes many problems in the world. It causes many wars around the world and it has a direct effect on the oil price to reach unbelievable levels. So, the global production of oil should increase his oil production, the wars around the world should stop as soon as possible, and the developed countries should decline their needing of oil by finding another source of energy.

First, the number of oil barrels per day is not enough these days. So, they should increase their daily production to serve the necessity.

Second, the occupation around the world has either direct or indirect effect on the oil price. Actually, all the people in the world look for peace. The oil price causes the prices of everything to be high. For example, the rice price jumped to the highest level this year.

Third, the developed countries have to create other sources for energy instead of oil. In my opinion, they should use the sun’s light and nuclear energy to produce the energy.


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